3 Pro Tips To Help You Successfully Hire A Dump Trailer

Posted on: 22 October 2020

One of the biggest challenges that companies face when they are setting up construction or renovation projects is getting a reliable waste disposal service provider. The amount of waste produced in a construction site is huge, and regular garbage bins, even the biggest ones, will not work. Fortunately, there is always the option of hiring a dump trailer.

Dump trailers are excellent because the terms and conditions of hiring them are different from the arrangement with the regular rentals. Here is what you need to know about renting one and why it will be beneficial for your business.

1. Deciding Between Dry Hire and Wet Hire

When you contact most dumpster trailer rentals, they will offer you two options. The first is to hire the trailer alone and organize how you will get a driver to take the waste to the landfill. The second option is hiring the trailer and someone to operate it.

If you opt for the dry hire, you will pay less to the rental company, but you will have to find and pay a truck driver to take the waste to the landfill. On the other hand, if you hire the trailer and the driver, you will pay more to the rental company, and they will manage everything. The first option is only feasible when you already have experienced drivers on your project

2. Understanding Standby Rates and Operational Rates

Another concept that you should grasp before approaching a dump trailer is the difference between their standby rates and their operational rate. Most companies rent their trucks on an hourly basis. They will tell you their hourly truck rate.

The rate is divided into two: the amount you pay when the truck is operational and the amount you pay when it is on standby. The standby rate is slightly less than the operational rate, which makes it a little cheaper to hire and keep the truck when you have a massive project.

3. Figuring Out Which Extra Costs You Pay For

Another confusing element in hiring a trailer is figuring out who pays for what services to the vehicle. If the trailer was scheduled for major maintenance, the company pays. On the other hand, fuel, lubricants, and grease are your responsibility.

Read the fine print about these costs before hiring a dumpster to avoid mistakes or confusion.

For a positive experience with your dumpster rental, engage a trusted rental company. They will give you well-maintained trucks and enough support for a successful project. For more information about hiring dump trailers for your project, contact a local rental company, like Duffield Hauling INC.