Preparing a Dirty Rental Home for a New Tenant

Posted on: 22 October 2018

The most frustrating aspect of being a landlord is having to deal with problematic tenants. For instance, if you sign a lease agreement with a tenant who turns out to have poor cleaning habits, it can lead to cockroaches damaging your property. You must then go through the process of warning the tenant and giving them time to correct the problem before an eviction can be legally filed. If you end up evicting such a tenant, it can leave you in a position in which the house can't be rented out until a lot of work is done to improve it. This article provides suggestions on how to prepare a rental house for a new tenant after evicting a problematic one.

Hire a Garbage Removal Company

If your tenant left behind a large mess after he or she was evicted, getting it cleaned up can be a challenge. The task can be even more frustrating if there is any furniture that must be removed out of the house. You can hire a garbage removal service that provides clean out services for landlords to get the job done fast. Any garbage that is on the interior and exterior of the house will be removed, such as furniture or appliances that need to get tossed out. Basically, the trash will be placed in a commercial-sized bin so it can get hauled off of your property all at once.

Get Your Rental House Exterminated

Dealing with a dirty tenant for a long period of time means there were likely pests left behind after the eviction. You don't want your new tenant to discover any cockroaches or mice in the house since you would surely get complaints. It is a good idea to contact an exterminator as soon as possible so the house can be treated. The commercial extermination products that are typically used can usually kill pests off in a short period of time, but it depends on the severity of the infestation. Extermination is a good preparation step to take for your rental house even if you don't see any pests.

Ensure That All Appliances Work

When tenants have poor cleaning habits, it can have a bad effect on the plumbing fixtures. For instance, the tenants might place grease and large pieces of food down drains that clogs the plumbing lines up and damages the appliances. A dishwasher is a good example of an appliance that can become problematic when a tenant is dirty. Inspect the appliances in case they need to get repaired or replaced before a new tenant moves in.