Minimize Waste At Your Restaurant And Store Scraps In Airtight Containers

Posted on: 26 June 2017

If you own a restaurant and throw away an abundance of food each day, minimize waste and store scraps in airtight containers by completing the steps below. As a result of your efforts, the restaurant's kitchen will remain organized and the roll off dumpsters that are on your property will not fill up as quickly as they used to. 

Make A Shopping List And Store Items In Labeled Containers

Make a shopping list that includes plenty of ingredients to prepare standard items on your restaurant's menu as well as specials that you plan on offering in the near future. Do not go overboard by purchasing large quantities of items that could potentially spoil before they are utilized, especially if you don't have a large freezer to store a lot of items in.

After purchasing ingredients, use clear containers with lids to store fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, and any other foods that are perishable. Use a knife to divide items into smaller portions if desired. Affix a label to the outside of each container and write the type of food item and the date that it was purchased on each label. Inform your kitchen staff to utilize items that were purchased before other ones to reduce the amount of food that spoils and needs to be thrown away.

Donate Food That Is Salvageble Or Prepare Casseroles 

Before closing the restaurant each night, remove items from the refrigerator that are salvageable but aren't going to be served as a main dish the following day. If you are aware of any local food pantries or churches that would be grateful for food donations, contact the establishments and inquire if someone would like to pick up the food or have you drop off the items. Otherwise, consider utilizing the ingredients to prepare a homemade casserole.

Mix ingredients together to create the casserole and offer it as a special in your restaurant the following day. Charge a reduced rate for the casserole to increase the odds that people will be interested in ordering a serving of the new dish that you have prepared. 

Place Scraps In Airtight Containers 

Remove expired food from the refrigerator in a timely manner. If you have a lot of responsibilities that need to be handled each day, designate workers to assist with removing items that have spoiled. Place all of the rotten food inside of large durable plastic containers that have matching lids. Before placing the containers inside of a dumpster, check the lids to make sure that they have been secured properly. Containers with well-fitting lids will prevent food from spilling in the dumpster and creating foul odors inside of the waste container.