Tossing Out Old Electronics? Here's What You Could Be Missing

Posted on: 4 May 2017

When you throw away old electronics such as computers, televisions, entertainment sets, or video game consoles, what are you really putting in the recycling bin? Is it just a sunk cost for entertainment and productivity, or is there real value that will rarely go below a certain amount of money? To figure out what you could be throwing in the trash, as well as ways to recoup some costs to feed into your next purchase, here are a few electronics recycling points to keep in mind.

Wait, Recycling And Money? How?

Some cities use recycling bin programs as a way to promote recycling and reuse by reducing the amount that you (or your apartment complex) pays for sanitation services. However, there are some materials that are worth enough money to pay for fuel to the recycling center and then some.

Electronics such as computers and video game consoles have a few metals and materials that are worth varying amounts depending on a daily changing rate. Aluminum, copper, steel, gold, and other materials inside computers are at the middle-to-top rung of raw material recycling, and you could be throwing quite a few dollars in the trash if you're not careful.

Computers are one of the bigger powerhouses of casual recycling. There's a lot of aluminum inside desktops and laptops, and the amount of copper varies depending on the size of the computer or custom components that need cooling. A lot of the materials can be removed by simply unscrewing the computer case panel and removing the components, while other electronics may need a bit of studying in order to open them quickly.

No, smashing the device against the ground or with a hammer isn't efficient. Especially when you need to separate the materials to make efficient recycling money.

Organizing Removal, Storage, And Delivery

At the home level, you may not be recycling multiple electronics on a weekly or even monthly basis. Still, it's worth looking up videos that show you how to dismantle the electronics you have to make the removal as fast as possible, and to break the materials down to the smallest level.

In addition to looking up dismantling guides, you should get multiple recycling containers for different materials. Since each material has a varying recycling rate depending on the day, you should have an easy to carry storage solution to keep things out of the way or to carry the materials to the car for recycling when it's time.

If your home is part of a small business, or you have the ear of management, larger containers for businesses are available. Especially when lots of old computers and office equipment needs to be removed at the same time, your suggestion could greatly reduce the costs of removal by bringing some money back once the recyclable materials are turned in.

Contact a garbage removal professional to discuss containers, recycling delivery schedules, and recycling rates.