Regulating Roofing Rubbish: Responsibility And Rentals

Posted on: 21 April 2017

If you are having your roof redone, you may have genuine concerns about where the old roof rubbish is going to go. Certainly, you do not want it on your lawn, nor do you want any part of it dumped curbside because there is no way your garbage collector is going to take it. In many cities and towns, it will also cost you to dump it curbside, resulting in fees for trash and the need for its immediate removal. When you sign a contract with a roofing contractor, be sure to ask them how the roofing refuse will be handled and whose responsibility it is.

Not on the Ground, Not on a Tarp

Roofing refuse is often torn off and chucked to the ground. This leaves an unsightly mess. Even if your contractor is willing to collect it all and place it on a large tarp, you still do not want it there. The best option is a dumpster rental, which helps contain the mess and then hauls it all away when the project is complete. Ask your roofing contractor if they are willing to use a dumpster for the refuse. If they use a dumpster service regularly, great. If not, you might want to ask them to seriously consider it before you hire them and before the project gets underway.

Rental Responsibility—an Important Talk

If your roofing contractor is willing to use a dumpster for the roof refuse, then it is time to discuss responsibility. Who is going to rent the dumpster, you (the homeowner), or the contractor? If the contractor does not normally use a dumpster and you are the one that wants them to use one, they might argue that you need to be the one to rent it and have it dropped on the property near the house before the project starts. Of course, if the contractor has used dumpsters before, they may choose to be the responsible party. Finally, the cost to rent the dumpster may be incorporated into your contract with the roofing contractor.

That means you eventually will pay for its rental, but the contractor assumes responsibility for renting the dumpster and getting it delivered to your property. The contractor is also responsible for the dumpster's pick-up and removal from your property. This is often the best approach because then the dumpster is never rented for too long or too short a period, and you and your contractor are on the same page with regards to who is responsible for what when it comes to the dumpster rental