Safely Using A Dumpster When Doing A Home Renovation Project

Posted on: 20 April 2017

If you are going to undertake the task in removing portions of drywall and wood from within your home, you are most likely concerned about how you will dispose of any unwanted materials you bring out of the house during the event. Most people will rent a dumpster to use for home renovation projects as the service will remove all debris collected when the project has been completed. When you use a dumpster on your property, you will want to take a few steps in how you use it so it does not become a hazard to those around it. Here are some tips you can use to ensure those in and around your home are protected from injury when a dumpster is present on your property.

Place The Dumpster In The Right Location

The placement of a waste container is important so those around it are not at risk for injury. Placing it on a flat surface is best so there is no worry about it tipping over. It is also a good idea to place the dumpster out of the pathways people use to get to their vehicle or the street. Make sure the dumpster is placed completely on your property and not on the roadway or a neighboring property. This will help to keep unwanted refuse from ending up in the dumpster.

Have A Plan For Hazardous Materials

Your dumpster rental service will provide you with a list of items they will not remove from your property. It is best to keep these items in a location away from the dumpster so they do not pose danger to the items already thrown inside. For example, keep chemical agents in a locked cabinet until you can bring it them to a recycling center that accepts this type of material. This will reduce the likelihood of a fire starting if the chemical happened to saturate wood and become ignited accidentally. It is also imperative that no one smokes near the dumpster.

Prove A Barrier To Reduce Injury Risk

If you have children, or if there are neighborhood children you are worried may try to get into the dumpster when it is on your property, it is best to alert them of the dangers they could experience if they get too close to a dumpster. This may stop small children from trying to play near the container. It will also be beneficial to place a temporary fence around the unit. This along with a few signs saying "Keep Out" will help thwart curiosity as well.

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